Friday, September 09, 2011

Varsity Jacket?

I know. I know. Lots of people are crazy about Varsity Jackets. So do I! I've just created my own Varsity Jacket. And yeah, I did it for fun. I hope I can have it or even OWN it. I can't even find one at my town. Sucks though. So, I've created my very own Varsity Jacket right here ---> I assure you guys, you wont regret trying it. What so special about it is, you can choose from 3 different types of jackets! One of it are Retro Jacket, which is the old-school type with no hoodies. And the other two is Classics Jackets and Hoodie Jackets. You can choose your own color, add your own letters and numbers. And also add some digits at the side and place a name at the back of your jacket. This is totally cool. And yeah, drop dead DOPE. And what's interesting is, you can also stand a chance to win their Jacket. Just design your own, and send it to them. And start promoting their website or their Facebook page. I can like promote their jacket for 24/7 cause you know why? They are totally awefuckingsome! So "Like" their page now on Facebook right here ---> JacketShop.Com Thanks guys! Just leave me a comment about what you think about them. Those jackets are just effin' COOL!

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